We reiterate the saying COMPLEXITY SIMPLIFIED in order to remind ourselves and our clients what the goal at hand really is. We are here to help navigate the complexities of wealth management and instill true confidence into those we serve. 

Advisors may charge their clients for services rendered either through automatic billing, or direct billing. The Advisor determines the fees at the time of the client’s registration and may modify these at any time in Account Management. In the case of fee increases, the client will be required to approve the fee increase with a signature. In addition to the advisor-client fees specified, Interactive Brokers will charge its normal commissions to the client.

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An IB-calculated advisor fee is automatically billed to the client’s account with blanket client authorization using any of the following in any combination:

  • Percent of Net Liquidation Value
  • Blended Fee
  • Flat Fee
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Automatic Billing is subject to the following caps and limitations:

  • If an auto-liquidation occurs, no client fees will be automatically billed.
  • IB caps the amount of advisor fees earned in any 360 day period to 25% of the client’s average equity over this period, with additional cap limits at 30 day increments in between (i.e. 7.2% over the last 30 days, 17.7% over the last 180 days). When any fee cap is exceeded for a client, the advisor will not receive any client fees until the fee cap is no longer exceeded. IB will continue to charge its standard commissions when the fee cap limit is exceeded. Please be aware that advisors are solely responsible for ensuring that the fees they charge are reasonable and in accordance with regulatory requirements. The complete cap schedule is as follows:
  • Client fee cap availability for the day will be reported under Account Management/Report Management. For complete details on how the fee cap is calculated, click here.
  • A fee per trade may be charged for clients outside of the US (or US protectorates). In addition, a fee per trade may be charged for futures, futures options, Single Stock Futures and Forex trades of US clients if the advisor is registered with the NFA. This fee may not exceed 15 times IB’s commissions, and no fee per trade will be applied if the client calls IB to close a trade.
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